Welcome to Wellynest. We are an eco-friendly wellness brand dedicated to educating and empowering our clients & their families to take control of their health and their life. Wellness is not outside your reach - come to the Wellynest and you’ll see that wellness begins wherever you are!

Parenting is a journey: an exploration into the known and the unknown. It will challenge us and bring us to our edge, time and time again. Parenting, consciously, is also our greatest opportunity to evolve. In this personal evolution and transformation, we elevate ourselves, to elevate and empower our children. Shifting the way we raise our children is one of the greatest gifts we have to offer.

Wellynest, and the coaching we provide, ignites honest conversations around some of the greatest triggers and struggles in parenting. We support our families through these struggles and transform them into opportunities and ways to connect more deeply with our children. This work gives parents the chance to look inward to understand their own patterns and limiting beliefs, and how these childhood wounds can manifest into how we are choosing to raise our children.


Conscious parenting coaching explores what it means to raise whole beings from the very beginning; sharing powerful tools and language on how to cultivate respect, trust, a voice and independence in our children while also navigating consciously, through big feelings, tantrums, unwanted behaviors, testing limits, boundaries and so much more.

Private and small group mama coaching sessions – individualized programs to address everything from pre-conception work/healing, pre-natal nutrition, baby preparation, purifying your home, conscious parenting, raising whole beings from the beginning, post-natal care, creating a respectful, beautiful bond between parent & child, and how to create a simple, stable, green & loving environment for your child to thrive.



Wellynest offers Whole Life Wellness Group Courses designed to take your health & your life to the next level. We dive into vital, yet exciting topics that have the ability to truly transform YOU; Whole Foods, Healthy Fats, Ayurveda, Probiotics, Fermented Foods, Digestive Health, Mindful Eating, Self-care, Movement, Meditation and so much more. With group and private coaching combined this course will fast track you to feeling your best self and living a life you never thought possible! Click here for program details & options.

Looking for private coaching instead? We offer individualized, customized programs with the support you need to truly thrive. Click here to check out our additional Health Coaching Services.



Group Mama program

Group Mama Coaching Course ~ Take this beautiful journey with other blessed mamas to find the perfect relationship between self-care & caring for your sweet babe(s). This relationship and finding the balance around nutrition, home, nurturing ourselves and others, conscious language, conscious parenting & personal transformation leads to the most beautiful bond between you and your child. Next Course, May 2019 - inquire for early enrollment below .