I believe children should be raised as whole beings from the very beginning. Conscious Parenting starts with healing us first; the parent, to gift our children a life free of limiting beliefs, fears and insecurities passed down from generation to generation. We can do this. We can be the change.


Wellynest is here to gracefully introduce you to the world of conscious parenting, personal transformation, sacred self care and finding the deepest most nourishing relationship to self, your children and your entire family. We offer a beautiful array of services, inspiration, resources, courses, groups and more so that everyone has a place within the “nest.” So come on in and stay for a while, we promise you’ll enjoy the journey. We can’t wait to help you on your way to finding the greatest, most empowering, loving, healthy, vibrant version of you and your wonderful family!

From our nest to yours…much love, Wellynest.


About Me

Hi! I’m Tamara, the owner & founder of Wellynest, a wellness & mama coaching brand dedicated to empowering families to live fully whole & nourished lives. As a mama coach and a mother, I’m deeply passionate about raising whole beings from the very beginning. I believe our children have the power to heal the world. 

My deepest passion is to shift the way we raise children in this country and support the families and caregivers doing so. With a focus on respect, trust, and true empowerment through conscious words, actions, boundaries, quality time and slowing down, children can truly thrive. Setting intentions and putting time and energy into our parenting approach can bring ease to the entire family unit. Something I believe is deeply desired. 

Wellynest's accessible approach weaves together personalized programs comprised of self-care, conscious parenting, movement, meditation, healing botanicals, ancient healing modalities, essential oils and more. And most importantly, guidance through the continual journey of self-awareness and self-love, as true wholeness comes from within. When these two worlds meet, conscious parenting and whole life wellness, the entire family unit is supported and change can happen.

When I had my sweet baby girl in 2013, I realized this deep-rooted purpose and passion inside me around shifting the way we raise children in America. I want to support families in giving their child the greatest chance to thrive, in a home that is not only safe and filled with love, but also attention, respect, trust, nutrients, and an environment free of plastics, toxins, excess stimulants and anything else not fully supporting the beautiful growth of their body, mind & spirit! It was then I knew I needed to create a company that gave not only individuals, but also their families, spouses, children and loved ones the support they needed to thrive. And what if you started from the very beginning? What if you didn’t need to reclaim your health as you got older but you already had it? What if you didn’t need to go to therapy to find your self-worth and realized you were worthy of being loved and achieving true success in this world (whatever that looks like for you)? What if you already had that? What if you were raised in a way that all of your gifts were cultivated from the moment you were born…that you were treated, respected and raised as a whole being…given the attention and trust you needed to thrive, the food and nourishment you needed to grow and an environment that supported it all?

That is what we are creating here. Powerful choices, intentions, actions, words, thought-processes, resources and more that allow us this level of conscious awareness around the parenting journey, truly the journey of life. When we clear the pain of our own past, let go of our current unhealthy expectations, and heal from childhood trauma, we clear the path for our children’s future. This clear path will gift your children a blank canvas, for them to paint and design their world and their future from the day they are born – so not only is health their birthright but love, respect, honor, self-confidence, self-worth, body awareness, strength and so much more! That is our mission. That is our dream. And we are bringing it to one family at a time, one new being at a time. No matter where you or your family are, we can help, support, and guide you to a version of yourself that you are proud of from the inside out. Thank you for your time, your interest and your support. We truly hope that our nest, the Wellynest, becomes a part of every family in America and beyond. Help us spread this mission and please reach out, as we are so ready to welcome YOU to our “nest!”



The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, NYC 2006
Holistic Health Counselor

Raw Soul, NYC 2009
Raw & Living Foods Chef

University of California Integrated Science, 2013
Masters Degree in Vegan & Live Food Nutrition

YogaMaya, NYC, 2011
200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified

Resources for Infant Educarers, 2019
RIE Professional Development

Jana Roemer, 2019
Yoga Nidra Teacher Training


 The American Association of Drugless Practitioners
Holistic Health Counselor

The Tree Of Life Institute, 2009
Vegan & Live Food Instructor

Ron Teeguarden Dragon Herbs 2012 Master Herbalist

Premier Research Labs, 2010
Quantum Reflex Analysis Certification

Fordham University, 2004
(graduated summa cum laude)
BS in Business Administration (Concentration Finance & International Business)





Jocelyn Jensen               

Whole Life Wellness Transformation Course                                        

For years I struggled with extreme bloating, migraines, and very low energy. When others would tell me to change my diet, I wasn’t ever convinced that a change in diet was sustainable or that eliminating certain foods was even possible with my lifestyle. A good friend introduced me to Tamara in June of 2015. I cannot express how grateful I am to have met Tamara and completed Wellynest’s Whole Life Wellness & Transformation Course.  I have begun the process of healing my “leaky guy” and no longer experience extreme bloating and migraines. My energy level has also increased. I wake up feeling fresh, no longer needing tea to feel energized and my immune system is strong.

Throughout the course you will realize that it is possible to cut back on and in some cases completely eliminate the foods that make many of us feel bloated and not so great while incorporating foods such as greens, minerals, organic whole foods, superfoods and fermented foods that make you feel wonderful.  However, whole life wellness is not just about your diet.  It is also about the products you use in your home; practicing organic body care; and most importantly, it is about your mental health - your ability to be gentle on yourself and practice true self-love. The Whole Life Wellness Transformation Course gives you the information and tools you need to transform your life in a way that best fits you. I have been able to transform my health with the help of Tamara. She is a phenomenal health coach - bringing amazing energy to each meeting, understanding her clients and encouraging a healthy transformation in a judgment free setting. 

how My life transformed

  • I created a sustainable change in my diet. I wake up feeling fresh, no longer needing tea to feel energized and my immune system is strong.

  • I learned it is more than just food. My mental health improved and I am able to be gentle with myself and practice self-love.

  • I have begun the process of healing my “leaky gut” and no longer experience extreme bloating & migraines.

Vincent DiSantis


Since graduating from Wellynest’s WLW Course I have a new found respect for myself. This course can truly open your eyes to what kind of a better person and human being you can be. Tamara is the most caring and giving person/instructor. She wants (from her soul) for you to be the best version of you. I gained a new lifestyle not just a new diet. Having a leader like Tamara, who talks the talk and walks the walk, gave me the confidence I needed to make these profound changes. I now have the knowledge and a much better understanding of food and what it can do for me and against me. I love myself so much more because I respect the quality of food put into my body.

How my life transformed

  • I feel like I am a better person. I have a new found respect for myself & the quality of food I put into my body. I gained a new lifestyle, not just a diet.

  • My awareness and thought process in what I purchase has improved so much. I now have so much more knowledge and a better understanding of food ~ especially what it can do for you and against you.

  • I am more confident in life and I love myself more. I now realize that I can be a leader/teacher to someone else and make a difference.

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