Founded by Tamara Iglesias, Wellynest is a place you can call home. After years of recovering from her own health issues, Tamara was inspired to create a place where everyone could find peace, health & happiness. 


Our whole life approach puts wellness into an easy, accessible, inspiring practice that can be integrated into anyone’s life, wherever you are. Wellynest’s mission is to make optimal wellness, self-care and self-love attainable – it’s within your reach, trust us!

We are here to gracefully introduce you to a world of wellness that can truly transform your life ~ and have fun while doing so! We offer a beautiful array of services, inspiration, resources, courses, groups and more so that everyone has a place within the “nest.” So come on in and stay for a while, we promise you’ll enjoy the journey. We can’t wait to help you on your way to finding the greatest, most empowering, loving, healthy, vibrant version of you and your wonderful family!

From our nest to yours…much love, Wellynest.




About Me

Hi! I’m Tamara, the owner & founder of Wellynest. I live, breathe, eat, walk, talk, and bathe in health & wellness. It’s what makes me feel alive! I know it is why I was put on this planet. I also know thriving health doesn’t happen overnight, but small changes do ~ and they add up! Trust me!

I myself struggled with so many health issues and it was my passion for life that kept pushing me to feel better – I knew I deserved to wake up and feel amazing! But boy was I far from that. After being admitted into one of the top eating disorder hospitals in NJ and being diagnosed with depression & PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) on top of that, my life changed in an instant. I went from a straight A, college scholarship athlete, in an awesome sorority with lots of friends, to a completely defeated, scared and very sick individual. In my eyes, I had lost everything. I felt so alone and confused. I was experiencing a scary mixture of sadness, rage and anger. After a week of isolation and hitting the lowest point in my life, I made a life-altering decision…I wanted to live. This was not my path and I decided no matter what it took I was going to make this life worth living! So this vulnerable, ripe, determined version of my 19-year-old self started what would soon become this beautiful spiritual journey I’m on. My quest to find true happiness, to experience self-love, and to attain a level of health that would make my life as bright and beautiful as possible began. Months later, I made it out of the hospital. I had gotten better like I vowed I would that first week. I entered back into society, slowly at first and eventually I was soaring again! And as soon as I was really on my feet I got hit hard…again. I was living in NYC, working my first Wall Street job, and saw my health decline, despite finally taking care of myself. My body was seeing the scary aftermath of a 7-year eating disorder, and the damage it had done to my body. It reared its ugly head, and in a not so kind way. I was in bad shape again. It took all my energy to get out of bed each morning and go to work…and I didn’t understand why. I was taking care of myself, eating healthy, working out – doing all the right things. Then something scary happened. I started to feel like I was going crazy (what I would soon come to understand was a very negative side effect of hypo-thyroid disease). After spending about 10k trying to figure out what was wrong with me and find a supportive and positive course of action I finally decided I was going to take my health and my life into my own hands…again (except this time it wasn’t so much my life at risk but my health)! At this point I had already been diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and depression, and now panic attacks, stomach ulcers (aka holes in my stomach), food allergies, and last but not least hypothyroid disease was being added to the list (and yes this was causing most of my hair to fall out)! It was overwhelming to say the least.

I woke up one morning, took a long hard look at myself, my life, my state of health, (yet again) and made what I believe was another life-altering decision. I took myself off my thyroid medication and said, “I can do this! I will not hand my health and my life over to someone else. And that was the first day of the rest of my life.” Yes I worked hard, yes I was dedicated, but it was also empowering and fun! It soon became the best thing in my life ~ this path I was on to optimal health & wellness! And within about a year I turned my life completely around! I finally saw that strong, healthy, vibrant, active version of me again! I had a successful career on Wall Street, I was living true to my healthy lifestyle, I was active and racing triathlons (races as long as 70+ miles) and I had achieved a level of health I was truly proud of! And all my “diagnoses” were gone! This journey inspired me so much that I knew what I had to do. I knew I wanted to help others who were alone and struggling to find their pathway to optimal health. I had spent so much time, money, and resources getting well that I wanted to offer an easy, fun, condensed version of this to others so they could be supported and held through their transformation. I soon made what to me was a pretty easy decision; I left my very successful career on Wall Street to follow my heart and pursue my dreams. At this point it was beyond clear to me that my true dharma was to help as many people as possible…to support and nurture them into the most powerful, open-hearted, grounded, most vibrant, healthy versions of themselves! I wanted everyone to feel what I was feeling but not have to go through all the struggles, the pain and suffering, the confusion and everything else that can come with a solo mission to attaining true health.

In 2009, I launched my first wellness company, UncookMe, which was one of the best things I ever did! And the company grew overnight – I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be, and the universe was telling me so, by sending me a bounty of work, clients, and opportunities. I had never been happier! Helping others is what makes my soul light up and my heart expand! UncookMe has since grown to become a company and brand I am so very proud of – Wellynest.

Wellynest is all UncookMe was and so much more! When I had my sweet baby girl in 2013, I realized this deep-rooted purpose and passion inside me around shifting the way we raise children in America. I want to support families in giving their child the greatest chance to thrive, in a home that is not only safe and filled with love, but also attention, respect, trust, nutrients, and an environment free of plastics, toxins, excess stimulants and anything else not fully supporting the beautiful growth of their body, mind & spirit! It was then I knew I needed to create a company that gave not only individuals, but also their families, spouses, children and loved ones the support they need to thrive. Yes transforming your health now is amazing and can be so empowering and fun! But what if you started from the very beginning? What if you didn’t need to reclaim your health as you got older but you already had it? What if you didn’t need to go to therapy to find your self-worth and realized you were worthy of being loved and achieving true success in this world (whatever that looks like for you)? What if you already had that? What if you were raised in a way that all of your gifts were cultivated from the moment you were born…that you were treated, respected and raised as a whole being…given the attention and trust you needed to thrive, the food and nourishment you needed to grow and an environment that supported it all?

That is what we are creating here. Powerful choices, intentions, actions, words, thought-processes, recipes, foods, meal plans, products, resources and more that allow us this level of health & well-being. This will allow it for our children from the day they are born – so not only is health their birthright but love, respect, honor, self-confidence, self-worth, body awareness, strength and so much more! That is our mission. That is our dream. And we are bringing it to one family at a time, one new being at a time. No matter where you or your family are, we can help, support, and guide you to a version of yourself that you are proud of from the inside out. Thank you for your time, your interest and your support. We truly hope that our nest, the Wellynest, becomes a part of every family in America. Help us spread this mission and please reach out, as we are so ready to welcome YOU to our “nest!”





The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, NYC 2006
Holistic Health Counselor

Raw Soul, NYC 2009
Raw & Living Foods Chef

University of California Integrated Science, 2013
Masters Degree in Vegan & Live Food Nutrition

YogaMaya, NYC, 2011
200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified


 The American Association of Drugless Practitioners
Holistic Health Counselor

The Tree Of Life Institute, 2009
Vegan & Live Food Instructor

Ron Teeguarden of Dragon Herbs, 2012Master Herbalist

Premier Research Labs, 2010
Quantum Reflex Analysis Certification

Fordham University, 2004
(graduated summa cum laude)
BS in Business Administration (Concentration Finance & International Business)





Jocelyn Jensen               

Whole Life Wellness Transformation Course                                        

For years I struggled with extreme bloating, migraines, and very low energy. When others would tell me to change my diet, I wasn’t ever convinced that a change in diet was sustainable or that eliminating certain foods was even possible with my lifestyle. A good friend introduced me to Tamara in June of 2015. I cannot express how grateful I am to have met Tamara and completed Wellynest’s Whole Life Wellness & Transformation Course.  I have begun the process of healing my “leaky guy” and no longer experience extreme bloating and migraines. My energy level has also increased. I wake up feeling fresh, no longer needing tea to feel energized and my immune system is strong.

Throughout the course you will realize that it is possible to cut back on and in some cases completely eliminate the foods that make many of us feel bloated and not so great while incorporating foods such as greens, minerals, organic whole foods, superfoods and fermented foods that make you feel wonderful.  However, whole life wellness is not just about your diet.  It is also about the products you use in your home; practicing organic body care; and most importantly, it is about your mental health - your ability to be gentle on yourself and practice true self-love. The Whole Life Wellness Transformation Course gives you the information and tools you need to transform your life in a way that best fits you. I have been able to transform my health with the help of Tamara. She is a phenomenal health coach - bringing amazing energy to each meeting, understanding her clients and encouraging a healthy transformation in a judgment free setting. 

how My life transformed

  •  I created a sustainable change in my diet. I wake up feeling fresh, no longer needing tea to feel energized and my immune system is strong.
  • I learned it is more than just food. My mental health improved and I am able to be gentle with myself and practice self-love.
  • I have begun the process of healing my “leaky gut” and no longer experience extreme bloating & migraines.

Vincent DiSantis


Since graduating from Wellynest’s WLW Course I have a new found respect for myself. This course can truly open your eyes to what kind of a better person and human being you can be. Tamara is the most caring and giving person/instructor. She wants (from her soul) for you to be the best version of you. I gained a new lifestyle not just a new diet. Having a leader like Tamara, who talks the talk and walks the walk, gave me the confidence I needed to make these profound changes. I now have the knowledge and a much better understanding of food and what it can do for me and against me. I love myself so much more because I respect the quality of food put into my body.

How my life transformed

  • I feel like I am a better person. I have a new found respect for myself & the quality of food I put into my body. I gained a new lifestyle, not just a diet.
  • My awareness and thought process in what I purchase has improved so much. I now have so much more knowledge and a better understanding of food ~ especially what it can do for you and against you.
  • I am more confident in life and I love myself more. I now realize that I can be a leader/teacher to someone else and make a difference.

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