GREENS THREE WAYS – 3 Recipes to make it easy being green!

Did you know that minerals are the #1 thing lacking from the SAD diet (standard American diet)? A quick and easy way to load up on necessary minerals is adding in greens whenever and wherever you can to your diet–like at EVERY meal! A great tip is to make sure you start your day with something green (yes, we mean at breakfast!), that way you are already ahead of schedule!

A couple suggestions are:

·       Something green in your smoothie

·       A handful of chlorella tablets

·       Some yummy avocado or sautéed greens added to breakfast

This way you are guaranteed a sweet start to a gloriously green day!

Breakfast is just one, of many, convenient times to enjoy the benefits of greens. We have three amazing, yet simple recipes for three different types of greens. This way you can easily integrate a variety of greens into your life! Try these quick, yet delicious recipes that are guaranteed to turn anyone into a green lover!

Sautéed Greens with Dates & Coconut OilRecipe


·       1 bunch of greens, washed & chopped (kale, chard, collard greens...your choice!)

·       4 dates, pitted & chopped (1/4 inch pieces)

·       2 TBSP coconut oil

·       Sea salt & pepper to taste


1.     No need to dry the greens--this extra moisture will be helpful when sautéing and steaming your greens!

2.     Heat up coconut oil in sauté pan on medium-low heat.

3.     Place greens and dates in pan with the coconut oil, stir and cover.

4.     Wilt your greens until desired texture, roughly 5 minutes. I like mine still a little crunchy and not completely mushy.

5.     Serve & Enjoy!

Sauteed and Steamed Broccoli Recipe

While lightly steaming (or consuming raw) is the best way to keep the nutrients in the broccoli intact, sautéing imparts such wonderfully complex flavors—especially when you cook it in a delicious and healthy fat like coconut oil or ghee! That’s why we love to do a mix of the two.


·       1 head of broccoli or 1 bunch of broccolini

·       2-3 TBSP coconut oil or ghee, or a mixture of the two

·       2 TBSP high quality filtered water or spring water

·       (optional) Half a fresh organic lemon

·       Salt and pepper to taste


1.     Dice broccoli, broccoli stems, and broccoli leaves (zero waste!)

2.     Place the broccoli trees and stems in a pan with warm oil over medium-low heat—enough heat to slightly brown, but not hot enough to fry.

3.     Toss it around for a couple minutes, until some browning spots appear.

4.     Turn the temperature down to simmer. Add your diced broccoli greens.

5.     Then add a little bit more fat and 2 TBSP water—careful it might spit! I like to use the lid to stop any splatter from coming my way. If you’re feeling like a lemon-y twist, now is the time to add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

6.     Put the lid on tight, and let the broccoli finish cooking by steaming!

7.     Make sure broccoli is a nice bright green color—once it starts to loose that coloring you are rapidly loosing nutrients. You’ll love the flavor complexity and your body will love it too!

Roasted Brussel Sprouts Recipe


·       1 pound Brussel sprouts, bottoms trimmed and cut in halves*

·       1-2 TBSP coconut oil or ghee, in liquid form

·       Salt and pepper to taste

·       (optional) ½ blood orange


1.     Preheat oven to 400 degrees

2.     Toss brussel sprouts in chosen fat, salt, pepper and optional blood orange juice.

3.     Place in oven pyrex or other baking dish

4.     Bake for 30 minutes, tossing them at about 15 minutes

5.     They should be softer now, with fantastic roasted bits, but still retain their green color.

6.     Put them back in if they need a little longer, you’re the best judge when it comes to your own food!

Once they’re all done, serve, share, enjoy. These go great as an addition to a salad, on the side of any meal, or even diced up smaller and scrambled into eggs!

Whoever said healthy food wasn’t delicious never dined in the Wellynest house! With these three go-to recipes, it will be easy to start incorporating more green into your life—while enjoying every, single, last, bite!! And as always, all these recipes are that much better when enjoyed with someone you love!

*TIP: save any leaves that fall off your brussel sprouts to add raw to a salad later, or to sauté them with your next bunch of greens with dates! They’re wonderful either way, and there are so other many options as well to upcycle them into other meals! Striving every day towards zero-waste, and this is one super easy way!