A Morning Smoothie

One of my longest running traditions and a daily practice that has brought me so much joy for well over a decade has been my morning smoothie. It has evolved over time and is constantly changing ~ just like me and my approach to health. Knowing and accepting change, especially around my diet, has allowed me to be open to finding a beautiful pathway to health. I change, and with that so do the things that nourish my body best.

My morning smoothie was a vital staple when I worked on Wall Street. I usually brought TWO smoothies to work. The first was my delicious superfood smoothie, packed with so much goodness I was guaranteed to have a nutritious day. Once I finally sat down at my desk after a very early morning workout and my subway commute, this smoothie was exactly what my body wanted. It was my treat and I always looked forward to it! That’s important – enjoying your food and what you put into your body. Gratitude is important too! Being grateful for nourishing foods, for knowing what your body needs, for everything and everyone that made it possible to enjoy such goodness. I think about these things, and it makes the food and my experience so much sweeter.

My second smoothie would be my green smoothie ~ a lighter one, made with nutrient dense greens and fruit. I would put it in the fridge and have it as a late morning snack! It was the perfect pick me up to keep me going strong until lunchtime. My body really loved starting the day with liquids. I feel like it gave my digestive tract some time to wake up, rev up, and still get the deep, varied, vibrant nourishment my body was craving. Back then, when I was still on Wall Street my body was healing from some very long-term issues so this was also gentle enough on my body that I could continue to support what my body was working though (a story for the future).

Today I don’t have a smoothie for breakfast everyday but for years and years I did. I still make them for my family on a weekly basis (sometimes more) and we all thoroughly enjoy them! My daughter and I enjoy our “smoothie time” dance the best! That’s when we have an all out dance party in the kitchen while the vitamix is doing its thang! If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it.

This recipe is a real treat! I love making my almond milk and coconut yogurt in advance ~ because I use them both so often! Making things in bulk to have on hand throughout the week can really be a time saver. Having these prepared and ready make this smoothie super quick and easy! The almond milk recipe is posted to our instagram @Wellynest, and I’ll be sharing how to make the coconut yogurt soon as well.

Enjoy this smoothie and let us know how much you love it!

All the stars of this smoothie pictured here (We froze a large batch of coconut yogurt in silicon ice cube trays for quick and easy convenience! More fun tips like this coming soon!)

All the stars of this smoothie pictured here (We froze a large batch of coconut yogurt in silicon ice cube trays for quick and easy convenience! More fun tips like this coming soon!)

Wellynest Morning Smoothie (or anytime really!)


12oz homemade almond milk

4oz homemade coconut yogurt (or more if you want a thicker smoothie)

1.5 cups of fresh or frozen organic berries (I like frozen to thicken up the smoothie & raspberries are a must in the mix for me because I feel like they pack the most flavor when frozen)

1 tbsp. hemp seeds

½ ripe, organic avocado

1 tsp. fresh vanilla bean or vanilla powder

1 tbsp. raw honey (optional)

Pinch of high quality salt (sea, Celtic, pink, Himalayan, etc.)


Toss everything into the blender, do your smoothie dance, and then top with your favorite berries & Enjoy!!