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The ART of Conscious Parenting at Wild Child

  • Wild Child Gym 9715 Washington Blvd. Los Angeles , CA , 90232 United States (map)

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There can be ease around parenting. Yes I know. Words so rarely spoken. It’s time to break the myths of what parenting is and breakdown the walls to build a new future for our children and their caregivers ~ us!

Parenting, consciously, is the greatest opportunity we have to evolve. We elevate ourselves, to elevate and empower our children. Shifting the way we raise our children is one of the greatest gifts we have to offer.

Motherhood is a journey: it will reveal our greatest triggers, wounds and insecurities. What we do with this trauma will determine the foundation we lay for the relationship we have with our children.

In this workshop, we will explore, in a safe space, some of the greatest triggers and struggles in parenting. We’ll discuss how to turn these struggles into opportunities and ways to connect more deeply with our children. We will look inward to understand our own patterns and limiting beliefs, and how these childhood wounds can manifest into raising our children.

We will dive deeply into what it means to raise whole beings from the very beginning. We will explore what parenting without guilt and shame looks like. We’ll learn powerful tools and language on how to cultivate respect, trust, a voice and independence in our children while also navigating consciously, through big feelings, tantrums, unwanted behaviors, testing limits, boundaries and so much more.

What are your long-term intentions for your children and family? How are you cultivating these intentions? How do your daily practices and rituals with your children support their growth and development? What are you modeling to your children? What do you want to instill in your children and how do you put these practices into play via your daily routines, practices, language and actions?

Join us as we connect mother to mother with real conversations, tangible tools and support to elevate parenting.

Tamara Iglesias is the Founder of Wellynest, a wellness & mama coaching brand dedicated to empowering families to live fully whole & nourished lives. As a mama coach and a mother, she's deeply passionate about raising whole beings from the very beginning. She believes our children have the power to heal the world.

Tamara's deepest passion is to shift the way we raise children in this country and support the families and caregivers doing so. With a focus on respect, trust, and true empowerment through conscious words, actions, boundaries, quality time and slowing down, children can truly thrive. Setting intentions and putting time and energy into our parenting approach can bring ease to the entire family unit. Something Tamara believes is deeply desired.

Wellynest's accessible approach weaves together personalized programs comprised of whole foods, self-care, conscious parenting, movement, meditation, healing botanicals, ancient healing modalities, essential oils and more. And most importantly, guidance through the continual journey of self-awareness and self-love, as true wholeness comes from within. When these two worlds meet, conscious parenting and whole life wellness, the entire family unit is supported and change can happen.

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