Optimal health & wellness is absolutely within your reach. Health is your birthright and we are here to help you reclaim it.

Wellynest believes in whole life wellness. It’s more than just the food ~ it’s the value of slowing down, finding your way back to self, and integrating self-care into your daily health & lifestyle practices. Once you find this connection to self, you tune into YOU. That’s the goal, to open up your lines of communication and become your body’s best practitioner and biggest support. When the channels of communication are open and clear you are constantly telling your mind & body what is best. This leads to making positive choices and mindful decisions.

Wellynest is here to help you find your way back to YOU – to practicing self-care, to learning what self-love is and to uncovering what you need for optimal, thriving health! Because you deserve it and we at Wellynest know it! 


           Phone Consultations
1hr consultation to address any health/lifestyle issue or personal goals (examples; digestive health, integrating whole foods, recipe & meal planning, specific diet & lifestyle goals, food allergies, food related ailments, optimal wellness, purifying your home, cleansing/detoxing, a greener lifestyle & more). Price $250

In-Person consultations: 1hr consultation to address any specific issue (see above for examples) $375 


             Monthly Services                Package 1: One month of support   includes; 3 Phone consultations (1hr) &   unlimited email support for issues or     questions that arise. Price $1100

Package 2: One month of support includes; 1 in-home visit, assessment & consultation, 1 monthly plan created specifically for you & 3 phone consultations (1hr), as well as unlimited email support for issues or questions that arise. Price $1400


             Customized Programs           Phone Consultation: Schedule an initial consult so we can create the perfect program and support for you and your family. Once the program is created the $250 consult fee will go towards the program cost. Price $250 

In Home Consultation: Schedule a consultation and after our session we will customize a program to suit all your needs; whether it’s to optimize your health, maximize your nutrition, minimize your time spent in the kitchen, cleanse your body & mind, simplify your life, purify your home, or green your lifestyle. We will create the perfect program for you. You will be fully supported on your path to finding your best self in body, mind & spirit!  Price $375




Clean, Green, In-home Transformation 

  • We will come to your home and do a whole kitchen or even whole house assessment.

  • We discuss ways to transform your kitchen & home to support your health & lifestyle goals.

  • A plan of action is created & provided to make these goals a reality. Additional support from us is available on a longer-term basis to facilitate all recommendations.

Price: $350 and up.


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