Wellynest offers the support, coaching, resources and comfort you need to thrive as a new mama, parent or caregiver. We also support experienced mamas looking to reconnect, re-nourish or recreate the ideal environment for you and your children to thrive. That is our goal. We create whole life approaches to raising whole beautiful beings from the moment they are born or at any time throughout their life.

We believe in simplicity, consistency, and traditional, ancient, healing foods and staples to take you and your family’s health to the next level. We create a strong, stable foundation so your children can enter with ease into this bold and bountiful world. Our approach focuses on respectful parenting. We believe in the value of simple things…attention, trust, honoring your child’s needs, meeting them where they are through observation, taking out the clutter and the mess and creating a clean, green, perfectly stimulating environment without the extras, the noise and the unnecessary.

All these together give you and your children the deepest bond, the greatest love, the sweetness nourishment and the best chance for the most beautiful relationship possible. Much love from our “nest” to yours.



           Phone Consultations
1hr Conscious Parenting/Whole Life Wellness consultation to address any specific need(s) with you, your family, and your children; some of the many possible topics include conscious parenting, setting limits & boundaries, working through big feelings, cultivating empathy, respect and trust, creating healthy habits, supportive schedules, sleep, nourishment & nutrition for mama & child, pre & post natal care & recovery, toys (natural, safe, stimulating), greening your home, self care, stress-reducing practices & more. Price $250

Conscious Parenting Programs

3 Month Program: Schedule an in home consultation or phone consultation to determine the most supportive tier for you and your family.

6 Month Program: Schedule an in home consultation or phone consultation to determine the most supportive tier for you and your family.

Monthly Services              

Package 1: One month of support   includes; 3 Phone consultations (1hr) &   unlimited email support for issues or     questions that arise. Price $975 

Package 2: One month of support includes; 1 in home visit & consultation, 1 child observation & 3 phone consultations (1hr), as well as unlimited email support for issues or questions that arise. Price $1,375


             Customized Programs           Phone Consultation: Schedule an initial consult so we can create the perfect program and support for you and your family. Price $250

In Home Consultation: Schedule a consultation and after our session we will customize a program to suit all your needs, whether it’s to simplify your life, maximize your time or create an environment that is safe, stable and predictable for your child. We will create the environment and the support you need so your relationship with your child, your partner and yourself can thrive. Price $375



Nourish your body

Feed your soul

Empower YOU & your family


Wellynest’s Whole MAMA program was designed by Wellynest founder and mama, Tamara Iglesias, to truly support mom’s, their little ones and each mama’s own unique family dynamic. In this modern day world most mothers are over-worked, over-stressed, under nourished, and under supported. This program is designed to give you back your strength, stability, even sanity, to truly empower YOU in this incredible role as MAMA! The flow of the course creates space to build, replenish, nourish, educate, support and expand modern day mama’s to step into their power as new women, each of us having gone through this incredible rite of passage. Take this innate power, this incredible strength and mama wisdom and blossom/transform into the brightest/boldest version of YOU.


3 months of Group & Individual Coaching


12 Topics (12 Virtual Classes OR For LA local residents 9 Virtual Classes & 3 Hands On Sessions)

Each week we will focus on an aspect of wholeness to support you, your children and your family. We dive into topics designed to truly shift your relationship to self, your relationship with your children and the overall wellness of your family. Exploring what it means to live a whole and nourished life, we integrate the importance of self-care, foods that nourish and heal, movement and meditation to create the optimal environment for everyone to thrive, and so much more. From healthy grain-free, gut happy baking and fermentation, to ayurvedic practices, sensual self-care, and the A.R.T of parenting (attention, respect & trust) we cover all the areas modern day mamas need to live a balanced, grounded, and supported life!


Each week, to support our new topic/class, we will create focuses, set intentions and each MAMA will be provided with practices and tips to integrate all of these teachings. There will be support and steps to digest each phase of the program. With a group dynamic, mama’s have the opportunity to empower one another, connect, ask questions and share experiences (both highs & lows). 

Together we start to feel, live and embody what it means to be a Whole MAMA.

Each virtual class will be recorded for later review and convenience.

LA virtual classes: Tuesdays from 8:00-9:15PM PST

NON-LA virtual classes: Tuesdays from 5:00-6:15PM PST


2 Individual Private Consultations

Each mama in the course will receive 2 individual consulting sessions to help customize & individualize the program to fit their unique life, home, family & lifestyle. A comprehensive health history & evaluation will be done prior to the 1st class and then a follow up check-in coaching sessions will be scheduled throughout the course as well.


Buddy Support System

Each participant will have a chosen MAMA buddy to support them throughout the program. There will be additional (optional) buddy activities to further support your whole MAMA transformation. You will receive 12 weeks of concentrated support, accountability and encouragement from your MAMA buddy.


Maximum Participants: 8 (to support optimal intimacy and support)

Price: $1875 (3 payments of $625, on month 1, 2, 3)

Pay in full (discounted price): $1750

Early Bird Special: $1600


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Additional Services


You can also choose from one of our popular packages below. We make creating your registry stress-free, toxin-free and full of joy! We also come into your home to create as much ease and grace around all your care giving activities. See below for more details.



Custom Green Registry Creation
Determining what you actually need (3 options)

1 – Schedule a phone session to discuss what you want followed by registry creation.

2 – We take the lead and create your registry based on gender and any criteria given via email.

3 – We schedule an in-person consultation and then create the perfect registry for you.

Price Starting at $750


Observation Series
Series of 3-10 sessions.

We come and observe your home life, schedule, routine and relationship/interaction with your child. We offer support on everything from feeding, independent play, boundaries, schedule and more. This package will include the observation, support and a plan for you to put into action.

Price starting at $1250 for 3 sessions.